26 noviembre, 2010

Silvio Rodriguez Surprised and Honored about ALBA Award

Cuban singer/songwriter Silvio Rodriguez confessed that he feels honored by the 2010 Arts Award given to him by the Cultural Fund of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA for its Spanish acronyms) on Wednesday.

It is an honor and a pride that ALBA, a congregation of countries aiming for a better world for Latin America, has given me this award, the artist pointed to Prensa Latina in Madrid.

Along with the Letters Award, granted to Venezuelan Luis Britto Garcia, the ALBA Arts Award for a whole life’s work was released today in Havana during a ceremony attended by Cuban Miniester of Culture Abel Prieto among others.

Clearly taken aback by the news, Rodriguez, currently in the Spanish capital to attend a tribute to maestro Leo Brouwer, pointed the transcendence of ALBA in the development of Latin American culture.

In his point of view, one of the most important contributions of the aforementioned integrating scheme has been Telesur, a television news network that, in his opinion, telecasts our points of view or that of the non-meek, so to say, Latin America.
For the founder of the Nueva Trova movement, information is key part of culture, that is why the emergence of that new television channel is attractive in a world where unipolarity has ruled with just one part of the criteria.

It is very important that criteria get opened, that there is debate regarding the vision of reality and in that aspect, he pointed, lies Telesur’s transcendence.

The author of “La era está pariendo un corazón” (The Age Is Giving Birth To A Heart) explained that he is in Spain to partake in the well-deserved tribute that the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE for its Spanish acronyms) will give his friend Brouwer tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the composer, guitarist and director will pick in Madrid the 10th SGAE Award of Latin American Music Tomas Luis de Victoria 2010.

About his plans, Silvio stated that finished the music of Afinidades, opera prima of actors Jorge Perugorria and Vladimir Cruz (Fresa y Chocolate), film that will be launched in the Havana Festival of New Latin American Cinema.
Ha also said that he is involved in the Meñique project, first 3D animation movie that is being made in the history of Cuba.
Finally, he said he was “involved, musically and even as an actor” in a movie based on a Rusian play entitled “And yet it moves” (phrase by Galileo Galilei).


This award was created by the ALBA in 2007, and is given to living creators who have lifted Latin American culture with their original contributions.

Likewise, it recognizes people who have enriched the common values of the region in some way, as well as those who promote decolonization and cultural emancipation.

Silvio Rodriguez, one of the awarded, is the greatest representative of Cuban trova and one of the most important musicians of Latin America.

In his albums, we can find songs that are notorious for the Spanish-sang music repertoire such as “La era está pariendo un corazón”, “Te doy una canción” and “Sueño con serpientes”.

His most recent production, Segunda Cita, has been the most sold in the pavilion of Casa del Alba Cultural, during the 6th edition of the International Book Fair in Venezuela 2010 (Filven) that was held in Caracas.

Luis Brito Garcia, on his side, is a narrator, essayist and playwright of great relevance in Venezuela and the continent.

During his career, Brito has been awarded with the prize Casa de las Americas in 1970 and the National Award of Literature in 2002 among others.

The author, born in Caracas in 1940, has written about 60 titles among which we can find “Rajatabla”, “Los fugitives”, “Vela de armas”, “La orgía imaginaria”, “Pirata” and “Abrapalabra”.

His most recent book “América Nuestra: Integración y revolución” (Our America: Integration and Revolution) has also had a high demand in the Caracas Book Fair.

The winners of the ALBA Award were released in the venue for Casa Alba Cultural in Havana, and Cuban Minister of Culture Abel Prieto, his vice minister Ismael Gonzalez, as well as other Cuban diplomats and intellectuals attended the event.

Along with Rodriguez and Brito, the award has been given to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer (ALBA Arts Award 2007), Uruguayan author Mario Benedetti (ALBA Letters Award 2007) and Cuban scholar Roberto Fernandez Retamar (ALBA Letters Award 2008), among other Latin American artists and intellectuals./ CubaDebate

source http://www.ahora.cu/english

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